Wish us well

We are about to reach the next milestone in the campaign to host the 2014 ISAF Sailing World Championships.  This weekend, the CORK/CYA team leaves for the United Kingdom to make the in-person presentation of our bid.  The team is composed of Fiona Kidd, Ken Dool, Marianne Davis and Jamie Fraser.  We will be presenting at the ISAF offices on Wednesday 19 January to a panel of international sailing technical experts and ISAF staff members.
The other six bidders will have appeared before us, so we are ready to make a positive impact that will carry our bid through to victory.  The decision will be announced about 21 February when the ISAF Executive next meets.

The bid has been developed with the generous support of CORK, CYA, Sport Canada and KEDCO as well as many hours of dedicated work from number of people.

Wish us well in the United Kingdom and keep your fingers crossed.