Our Event


Many of the race courses will be a short 10 to 15-minute sail from the sailing venue, Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, allowing necessary support services to be made available in close proximity of the course location.  While course lengths can be adjusted to meet the daily requirements, a wide-open expanse allows all six courses to be run within sight of each other.

The shore facilities include event offices, boat storage, storage area for clothing/personal gear, internet café, change room facilities, cafeteria, boat and gear repair services and chandlery.

Post office, drug store, convenience store and restaurants are within a short walk from the harbour.

The Sailing

Our world renowned sailing conditions come from a combination of land mass, islands and thermal effects which produce excellent wave and water conditions with very little current. We are known for our 9 to 12 knot thermal winds which rise most afternoons.  Most of our courses are just a few minutes from the harbour, which is great for spectators and most importantly it is great for our sailors. Our water is clean and our air is fresh; truly a sailor’s dream.

The Harbour

The ISAF Worlds will feel like ‘one championship’. We will have a compact venue in an upgraded, world class harbour dedicated solely to the event. Additional space will be available at adjacent properties and all the main elements of the event will be within .25 to .5 kilometres of the harbour. Perfect for walking or taking our historic Tour Trolley!


There is a full range of short-term and long-term accommodation options available to officials and participants within 3 kilometres of the event. This includes university residences, rental accommodations, hotels, bed and breakfasts and camping. There is ample long term rental accommodation during the summer in Kingston when most students and some staff at Queen’s University leave the City. For a range of a accommodation options visit www.stayinkingston.ca.

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